Advantages of Curved Tempered Glass in Residential and Construction Applications

Curved tempered glass offers significant advantages for residential and construction projects. The desired curvature and inclination are achieved according to technical drawings provided by architects. Following the tempering process, the clear glass becomes five times stronger than untreated clear glass. Moreover, the lamination process further enhances safety for curved glass applications.

Small Curved B10 / 4mm – 12mm
DimensionsSmall Curved B10 / 4mm – 12mms
Radius4mm – 6mm: R500 / 8mm – 10mm R700 / 12mm : R1000
Big Curved B20 / 5mm – 15mm
DimensionsMax.: 2850 x 2200 / Min.: 200 x 350 (H x Yay boyu)
Radius6mm: R900 / 8mm – 10mm R1200 / 12mm – 15mm : R1500
Tempersiz Kalıp Bombe 4mm – 19mm