Annealed Glass

HürBombeliCam Annealed Glass

Annealed glass is produced without internal stresses caused by heat treatment, rapid cooling, or toughening processes. It is achieved by heating the glass above a transition point and allowing it to cool slowly, without controlled airflow. Heat treatment alters glass properties through the annealing process. Annealed glass, also known as standard float glass, is widely used in windows due to its commonality. Annealing involves slowly cooling glass to relieve internal stresses, particularly those caused by bending. Glass that hasn’t undergone annealing is prone to cracking or shattering under slight temperature changes or mechanical stress. Proper annealing is crucial for glass longevity, as it alleviates thermal stresses and maintains strength.

Applications of Annealed Glass

Annealed Glass finds utility where safety codes aren’t a concern, such as in showcases, display cases, china cabinets, windows, and wall units. We offer bending services for thicknesses ranging from 1/16 inch to one inch. Any glass type listed for fabrication can be annealed. Additionally, we specialize in bending annealed glass to various radii or custom shapes.